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Searching for the Best Electric Shaver in the Current Market?

Every electric shaver has a specific lifespan. Is it time to replace your old electric shaver for a new one? Just a few of the signs that you need to replace your old electric shaver include: a battery that only holds a charge for a few minutes, a crushed or dented foil, rotary blades that no longer turn, and a chipped and cracked body.

If your electric shaver isn’t performing well anymore, it’s time to start the search for the best electric shaver. Most men buy their electric shavers online, but the first problem you’ll encounter is that there are hundreds of choices of brands and models. Just how can you narrow it down to the most perfect electric shaver for you?

Just some of the more popular manufacturers of men’s electric shavers include: Braun, Wahl, Panasonic, Philips, and Remington. If you already have a preference, then shop the models in that line for example in my case the German manufacturer’s Braun Series 7.

Most men want a cordless or rechargeable electric shaver, but there can be exceptions. If you’re purchasing one for your senior dad, a Braun corded model might be better, particularly if he lives in a care home where there isn’t a lot of space to set up a charging station.

Some men also like to travel a lot, but many find that a traditional battery-powered Braun or Wahl shaver may be the best solution when camping or hiking.

For all other purposes, a rechargeable men’s shaver is the best solution. Your next choice is going to be dry or wet. An electric shaver never seems to get as close as a blade, but using a wet/dry shaver may be about as close as you can get.

There are also wet/dry shavers that have additional water-proofing, so you can bring them right into the shower or a bathtub.

The price point of a shaver may also affect your purchase. College men on a tight budget can appreciate a model that’s under $30, while the businessman may need a premium style of shaver that is both fast, but effective.

There are also shavers, such as the Wahl brand, that promise to be more durable than a premium model Panasonic. This may be for the man who’s a bit clumsy, or who may have an unforgiving tile or marble bathroom counter.

Once you’ve narrowed down the basics of a men’s electric shaver, you’ll need to begin your online search. Enter in your chosen search terms, “men’s rechargeable wet/dry shaver” and see what pops up. Then narrow down your search by price.

Checking reviews is also helpful. Remember that a few bad reviews are natural, as you can’t please everyone. Also, beware of product reviews that are only five stars, as they may not be real. It’s also helpful to read through the reviews to learn what people really say about a product. These insights are important, as often the manufacturer isn’t going to mention if a shaver is easy-to-use, lightweight, or cheap-looking.

The reviews will also tell you about the quality of the shaver. Is it durable, and will it last for more than two years? Are replacement parts affordable and easy to find?

You’ll want to examine the other features on the shaver too. Some have battery level and low battery indicators. There may also be pop-up trimmers so you can trim around sideburns, moustache, and beard.

Never make an assumption that all shavers will have the same features, just because the last nine you looked at did. Read the product descriptions carefully.

Soon you’ll find a few men’s shavers that capture your eye. Some men may even base their purchase on an attractive-looking shaver that they won’t be embarrassed looking at on the counter. Others may not care about looks at all.

Try and narrow down your list to the top 3 shavers that capture your eye. Then, go back and review your list of requirements. Do all three tick off all the things you’re seeking, or not? Perhaps you’re willing to spend an extra $50 or $100, as you realize you’ll be getting a higher-quality shaver than you had initially expected.

Often there will be one men’s electric shaver that will jump at you online. Check the site’s guarantee policy, and the product warranty too. Soon you’ll be opening up your package to the best electric shaver, and getting a better shave than your old shaver ever gave you.

Neo Nomads Will Comprise Greater Portion of Workforce in 2017

Are you an independent worker with no fixed work address? If so, you could be one of the new breed of wireless workers in the USA and around the globe today. This phenomenon was first noted by Yasmine Abbas, a researcher, back in 2005. She called a neo-nomad a “digitally geared person who was on the move”.

In 2007, a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle. Dan Fost wrote in an article that there was a new generation of IT workers who only needed a laptop, a wireless connection, and a location to have an office.

Dan covered news in the Bay Area, just north of Silicon Valley, one of the top spots in the US for technological discoveries. Dan focussed on website developers, programmers, and entrepreneurs who did website startups. While there are also freelancers, he liked to keep them apart, because the latest generation utilized web-based tools in their working lives.

Here it is nearly ten years later, and you can find more of these neo-nomads working at cafes, and even at special co-working offices where you can rent a desk for a day, or a year, in exchange for a modest fee.

Increasingly, you’ll see workers at a local cafe who are working on their projects. And it may not just be IT workers, it could be artists, writers, or other types of entrepreneurs found here too. You can’t discount these types of workers, as often they too are utilizing web-based tools in their work. Neo-nomads can be a broader range of workers than just those employed by the high-tech startups.

This way of working can often refer to an attitude in life, and a way of organizing your daily life, rather than one specific technology.

Today, there are millions of people across the globe who work wherever they find themselves. They can work from home, then head to the local cafe, library, or college to gain some private time away from family to finish their projects.

This type of working is certainly akin to a nomadic lifestyle—a person who isn’t tied down to one location. Thus, a person can simply put their laptop on a table anywhere and declare it an office.

A neo-nomad differs from the laptop warrior. The laptop warrior is actually a corporate executive who must bring their computer with them to hotels around the globe. They must work from hotel rooms to tight deadlines.

The nomad has many options of where to work in their city. They have many choices. They can also choose how long they will work there, and what projects they will work on. They can choose to network with other nomads, or not.

Many nomads are also clever. They may stop at a local shop to simply use their WiFi to access email or deliver work. Often most businesses are forgiving, particularly if you buy a product from them occasionally. Generally, the agreement to use WiFi access in a cafe is to purchase a coffee or a treat. But some nomads like to nurse their drink for hours on end, which isn’t really being a very good nomad. Even if you purchase some treats to go, it helps to keep your “office” in business.

There have been some questions as to whether certain types of people frequent McDonald’s, Starbucks, or the local coffee shop. Can it also be possible that cost may be a consideration?

Perhaps the next study could be done on how neo-nomads will comprise a greater portion of the workforce in 2017. This can be useful in developing working practices that can be more humane for workers, but still productive to businesses too.